Traditional Braces

At Smith & Weeks Orthodontic Specialists, we offer a number of different braces and orthodontic techniques to reposition your teeth comfortably and discreetly. Traditional braces can be metal or clear and feature a combination of brackets and wires that work together to straighten your teeth to promote a healthy bite and a beautiful smile. In addition to traditional braces, Smith & Weeks Orthodontic Specialists features Invisalign® clear braces for an aesthetically transparent way to make your smile the best it can be. Our doctors and staff work closely with every patient to find the right kind of braces to fit your lifestyle and your goals.

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Benefits of Metal Braces

Smith & Weeks Orthodontic Specialists offers many different types of braces, but traditional metal braces remain the most popular. Surprised? Don’t be. Metal braces have changed a lot over the years and can often deliver faster, more cost-effective results. New techniques and technology available at Smith & Weeks Orthodontic Specialists also make treatment with metal braces more convenient, more comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Metal braces have other benefits, too:

* Metal braces are usually less expensive than other treatments

* Metal braces are highly durable

* Metal braces are more comfortable than ever and can often be removed sooner

Even if serious realignment of the teeth is required, metal braces can help create a stunning smile that will last a lifetime. At Smith & Weeks Orthodontic Specialists, your treatment can be comfortable and cosmetically pleasing.

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